Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Excellent Wife

I have read quite a few books on marriage and what it means to be a wife. Out of all of them I have found this one to be the best at dealing with heart issues and your thoughts. She also gives practical things for you to do to change your heart and the way you think. It is full of scripture and I found that it was very balanced, especially in talking about how marriage should be a living example of Christ and his church. It was very convicting to me in some areas and I am glad my eyes have been opened so that I can being to allow God to work on me in those areas. I highly recommend any wife or to be wife to get this and read it.

I am thinking I may go back and reread some chapters, if you are interested in this book I got mine off Half.com for less than $10 including shipping.


Grace Wheeler said...

Dani, you're right! This is a great book! I read it a few years ago, and this inspired me to pull it back out...I think I could use a refresher! :)