Friday, June 13, 2008

Exciting Morning

I got a jump start on excitement this morning. After the kids and I roused from the bed, we were doing the regular stuff. I changed Baby Girls diaper and sent Boog to change his pull up and put on some undies. As Baby Girl and I were walking to the living room, Boog comes running and screaming down the hall "A BUG, A BUG, A BUG, mama!!!!". He is crying, so I am like WHAT kind of bug did he see? He usually likes bugs and likes to sit and watch what they do. So I am a bit afraid to go and see what bug he had seen. Anyway I build up my confidence and head to the bathroom. I did not see it at first, then Boog starts screaming again, "There it is mama, the BUG!!" I jump back to make sure that it does not have a chance to touch me, then I see it. A huge, gross cockroach!!!!! It is on the bathroom door and decides to fly to the ground (note: the flying thing is one of the reasons I am afraid of this creature). I tell Boog to get back, then Baby Girl dashes in and is trying to catch it. "NO, don't touch it!" I yell, then scoop her up and put her back in the crib. I go and grab the weapon of choice, a shoe, then head back to exterminate. Of course, the thing has moved and now I have to find it again. All I can keep thinking is that it was going to fly on me, but I kept pressing on. Just seconds later it is all over with, the bug is dead and flushed down the toilet.

Now, I want to know where in the mothering hand book, it warns of you having to be an exterminator before having your morning coffee?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CVS deals of the week

I have learned through some friends of mine, how to CVS. It is a wonderful thing, that helps me get household things cheap with money gained back. Here is my deals from today. I usually do about 2 deals a week, today I did 3 different transactions to get what you see in my picture.

So I got:

7 boxes of cereal (it was suppose to be only 6, but I messed up my first deal)
1 Huggies 232 count wipes refill
1 Huggies Jumbo size 4 diapers
1 Gas-x
3 boxes of band aids

I spent right at $15 out of pocket
Used $19.98 in ECB's
Use Q's on the cereal, wipes, diapers, and gas-x
Then got a gain of $21 in ECB's back to use next week.

I love CVS and how much it helps my grocery/household budget. I have to give a big Shout Out to Carlie over from Why Ask Why and Teresa at A Life at Home. With out them I would have never known that this kind of thing existed. Thank you ladies so much, for introducing me to coupons and CVS!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Triming Down the Budget

I have been trying to think of ways to trim down our spending. I feel I have been doing pretty well with menu planning and doing CVS deals. One of the huge hurdles that we/I need to overcome is the eating out syndrome.

I have been planning the menu and making sure we have everything we need for meals, but on lazy days I will still run out and pick us up something to eat. This is not only extra money spent, but less healthy than home cooking.

So I wonder, is there any practical ways to get this done? Or is this going to just take plain ol' self control? I have asked Gus to tell me "no" when I ask to go pick up food, but he is just as bad as me and loves to have Micky D's or Cane's pretty often. So, we are really no help to each other. I think we are just going to have to buckle down and make eating out a special treat, instead of being a regular meal.

As you can see I need help, if you have had the eating out syndrome before and overcame it please let me know how you accomplished that! :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blueberry Picking

Last Thursday we went and picked blueberries. The kids love them and this is a easy and cheap way to stock up on them. Only costs us $1.50 a pound and a little sweat. The kids had a great time and I got to visit a little with some lady friends, which is always nice. We plan on going again before the season is out, to stock up a little more.

So what I do need is a few recipes to use my blueberries in. If you have any great ones that you would share, please let me know about it.