Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recently watched movies

We watched this one last night. It is based on the book, which I have never read. I thought it was very good, laid out the information well and was informative. I think it gave me much to think about and areas that you could delve into for more study.

We watched this one last week, I know it has been out for some time, like 3 years. I thought it was very good and something you can watch together as a family. I have since taken a liking to Hadassah as a girl name. Gus not so much. :)


Joseph and Jennifer Thornton said...

One night with the King was a great movie. This is one I will add to my collection along with "The Passion" and "The Nativity". Oh Yeah and I really like that name too!

Lyn said...

I will try to watch it this easter. I have recently taken a liking to Jewish names...and Hadassah is a lovely name