Monday, March 30, 2009



I am in the middle of reading "Be Fruitful and Multiply" by Nancy Campbell. It is a study on looking into the Bible and what it has to say about having children. Today I read this and even though I know it, I like the little reminders that parenting is the most important job we have.

"Parenting is the highest calling God has given mankind. Every other career is subservient to this one. Everything else we do in life serves our highest calling of teaching and training the next generation for God."

I think it is good to remind ourselves from time to time that our children are a blessing and gift from the Lord. They have been given to us for this time to train and raise for Him with hope that they will be ready one day for the calling he has for each and every one. At times it overwhelms me to think of how big and important that job is, but on the other hand I feel blessed that God has allowed me the privilege to have these wonderful people to mold and shape into usable vessels for Him.